Customer Service at Wave2Wave Solution Corporation

Customer service at Wave2Wave is a full company function. To create customer satisfaction, we have not only implemented processes, but also instilled a customer focused culture.

Responsiveness is one of the key elements our team does on a daily basis, including but certainly not limited to emails, quotations, technical questions, or simply a quick call to clarify a requirement. Because of our global operation in both the U.S. and China, our team works virtually around the clock. Customers enjoy the instantaneous responses from us, which takes the worries off their minds and helps all of us stay efficient.

Technical knowledge and understanding of customers’ needs is the basic requirement across all our team functions. We see customers using their language to describe a network connection, and it’s up to us to interpret this to the right cabling with accuracy. We help our customers design data center connectivity solutions and we build our products specifically to a project including both kitting and labeling. As technology is fast evolving, we bring our expertise to our customers as a highly value added service.

Simplicity is so important in today’s business life and at Wave2Wave we strive to reduce the unnecessary burden on our customers’ side. We have developed the industry’s most advanced process through our global operations. Our Connect-123™ solution changes the way that cabling is manufactured and deployed. Simplicity is also our key culture – a spirit to keep things simple and
get things done.

Our processes have evolved around one theme and one theme only, which is 100% customer satisfaction. A part number is defined and implemented in a matter of minutes, not days or weeks, when it serves the purpose of a customer application. The customer is always right!

Consistency is often the hardest to achieve when the bar is set high. Customers depend on our service to deliver the product on time, and we take it seriously everyday so our customers can count on us. We do what we say, say what we can deliver and do it every single time.

Innovation and creativity is about meeting the customers’ challenges with technology and solutions. We co-engineered a 400Gbps parallel optical cable product, we created the “Kite™ Solution” that makes cable fly, and we introduced Middle of the Rack (MOR) cable bundles, to name just a few.

We are humble and always look for ways to improve. We listen and continue to learn. We empower our team with tools, resources and knowledge. Technology never sits still, complexity continues to increase, and we must improve to be able to meet our customers’ growing challenges and demands.

“Call Wave2Wave”, is what customers often say. Customer service is a mission at Wave2Wave Solution.