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Automated Fiber Switching for Passive Optical Network (PON) accelerates service provisioning, enables network testing and monitoring and expedited service recovery.

Enabling Next Generation Mobile Networks, automated fiber switching offers

flexibility, resiliency and dynamic load balancing.

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Automated optical switching enables dynamic physical connectivity in network architecture and simplifies fiber based services provisioning. In large scale world-wide FTTx deployment, operators will benefit from significant savings in both capital and operating expenditures.

Today’s Mobile Network Operator (MNO) infrastructure is built with proprietary vertically integrated Network Elements (NEs), leading to inefficient utilization of network resources. Further, it is very difficult to customize the current infrastructure for different wireless subscriber needs or locations, and legacy architectures do not support the needed speed of emerging services requirements.

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Central Offices (COs) are not going away anytime soon. They are strategically located in the center of every city, and are critical assets for all types of current and future communications services. Many carriers within the Telecom and Cable markets are seeking new network architectures that make use of technologies and products that are based on data center architectures to achieve lower costs and service flexibility.

A key eco-system component impacting the Data Center is the emergence of Silicon Photonics technology. This new technology can change how data center systems exchange data and make rack equipment leaner.

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“Flexi-Pod” for Switching Architecture makes the layer 2 spine leaf fabric organized and re-configurable which enables fast deployment and scalability.

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